Orchestrated solutions for your business symphony

Nessos is offering a variety of quality services in software development, architecture and consulting

Custom software solutions

Nessos studies and analyzes the specific needs of your company or organization and designs and implements complete software systems which are both scalable and extensible, Nessos can also undertake the installation of your hardware infrastructure or your migration to the cloud, offering a complete end-to-end solution.

Premium consulting services

Nessos offers software consulting services for the design and development of your informatics system. Having vast expertise on a variety of business domains, Nessos can offer consulting services on matters of system architecture, software technologies and platform migration, among others.

Outsourcing and team staffing

Nessos can undertake the development of your software, either partially or as a whole. Moreover, Nessos can provide members of its own team, in order to enhance your development team.

About Us

We strive to design and develop premium business solutions
Always providing software services of premium quality

Nessos Information Technologies S.A. is a Greek based ISV company, focused on Microsoft .NET technologies with vast expertise in business applications and niche technologies. Nessos is among the first company in Greece to adopt Microsoft .NET. and the first adopter of F# in real-world production applications.

Nessos' flagship is MBrace, an open-source big data framework for public and private clouds, completely based on Microsoft .NET, utilizing the power of F#.

Besides implementing custom software and offering consulting services for big private and public sector corporations, we are also very active in producing quality open-source F# components like Streams, FsPickler and Vagabond, available on GitHub.

  • Integrated software solutions

    End-to-end custom software solutions

  • Application frameworks

    Big data, HPC, OR mapper, BPM and GIS

  • Products

    Automation systems, production management, BPM, financial and accounting

  • Consulting

    Software architecture, development and technology migration

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