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{m}brace is a .NET based software stack which addresses the challenges of developing, deploying, debugging, maintaining and extending applications running on cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, etc. {m}brace is based on the F# language and leverages F#’s power by giving it cloud based computational semantics.

Specifically, {m}brace is both a framework, comprised of libraries, tools and patterns, for developing cloud applications and a platform – runtime for deploying, running and managing cloud applications. As a framework, {m}brace provides very simple conceptual models and semantics for developing cloud applications while, as a platform, it is capable of executing any kind of computations expressed by
using the framework. Essentially, the framework provides a language for developing applications and the platform provides a runtime that executes them, much in the same sense of CLR or JVM.
{m}brace mainly addresses the following issues of cloud programming:
  • Concurrency
  • Message passing
  • Distributed exception propagation and handling
  • Ad-hoc tracing and debugging at run-time
  • Platform heterogeneity
  • Code maintenance and versioning while maintaining availability
  • Machine failure handling while maintaining availability
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Nessos Silverlight is a collection of design patterns, good practices and frameworks that reduce development times by trivializing or even eliminating problems like:

  • Integration of Data Transfer Objects with Object Relational Mapper Frameworks
  • Asynchronous Loading of Application Parts
  • Configuration
  • Dependency Injection
  • Presentation and Business Logic Separation
  • UI Controls


Nessos Framework

Nessos Framework

The foundation of all Nessos Applications is Nessos Framework. This framework is far more advanced than an Object-Relational Mapper. It offers:

  • Visual design of class hierarchy
  • Automated generation of relational model from class hierarchy
  • Automated generation of SQL and C# source code
  • Application development independent of database in use
  • Native support of standard business objects
    • Parameters Model
    • Security Model
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008


GIS Services


Nessos designs and implements web-based GIS applications. Our solutions are based on leading-edge technologies:


Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight

  • Supports all standard Internet browsers and delivers consistent look and feel
  • Rich Internet Applications και υποστήριξη Web 2.0
  • Native support of .NET Framework API



Nessos DynaGIS Platform


Main features:

  • Dynamic management of map features
  • Dynamic data linking with external databases
  • Dynamic bitmap creation
  • GIS Platform independent
  • Fully compatible with Nessos Framework


Nessos Business Process Framework

Nessos Workflow

Nessos features an integrated Workflow platform for delivering workflow applications, based on leading-edge technologies (.Net Framework 3.5, Nessos Framework). It offers:

  • Workflow process creation and versioning
  • Grouping of workflow processes into packages
  • Defining rules for workitem creation
  • Linking process flow and rules with organizational resources
  • Assigning electronic forms to workflow steps
  • Assigning security permissions to form fields
  • Task Based user interface
  • Report generator


8/5/2014 MBrace at CUFP2014

Mbrace is presented this year at CUFP2014 by Eirik Tsarpalis.

6/19/2014 Clash of the Lambdas

Microbenchmarking collection, functional APIs of the VM multiparadigm languages Java 8, Scala, C#, F# on Windows and on Linux. For more details follow the link .

2/10/2014 Nessos projects at github

Opens source projects from Nessos at github.

11/1/2013 New Investment for {m}brace

The common project between Nessos and Cyta Hellas have been accepted from ICT4GROWTH investment program. The investment on behalf of Nessos is targeting the commercialisation of {m}brace.

8/27/2013 The {m}brace team to present at PLOS 2013

We are pleased to announce that our paper, “MBrace: Cloud Computing with Monads”, has been accepted for presentation at the Programming Languages and Operating Systems workshop, co-located with the SOSP  More...

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