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MBrace framework


MBrace framework is an open source software framework ,initiated by Nessos experts, for developing big data algorithms that will execute on a private or public cloud. It is similar to Hadoop in functionality but its main difference is that it is not confined to the map-reduce programming paradigm.

 Specifically, MBrace framework is taking care of all things that have to do with task orchestration and data flow between computer nodes, allowing the user to deal just with the algorithm that he wants to execute. Moreover, it abstracts the underlying cloud infrastructure which means that any code developed using MBrace framework can either run on a private or a public cloud that is supported. It is also providing the MBrace framework shell where someone can delve into REPL style programming which enables fast code prototyping in a cloud scale. Moreover it enables you to monitor your computer nodes, deploy new code and get information about the jobs that are currently executing. MBrace framework is both a framework, comprised of libraries, tools and patterns, for developing cloud applications and a platform – runtime for deploying, running and managing cloud applications. Essentially, the framework provides a language for developing applications and the platform provides a runtime that executes them, much in the sense of a distributed CLR or JVM.


The MBrace framework Runtime makes sure that any executing process is fault tolerant. If any of the computational resources of the underlying platform fail, e.g. the underlying cloud platform suddenly decides to apply a security patch on a node and recycles it, during execution, the processes depending on the computations that are lost will not fail. Depending on the particular circumstances of computational load, the computations could be replicated over different nodes and thus the result would be available from at least one of those, or they would simply be restarted.

Mbrace mainly addresses the following issues of cloud programming:
  • Concurrency
  • Message passing
  • Distributed exception propagation and handling
  • Ad-hoc tracing and debugging at run-time
  • Platform heterogeneity
  • Code maintenance and versioning while maintaining availability
  • Machine failure handling while maintaining availability
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Nessos Silverlight is a collection of design patterns, good practices and frameworks that reduce development times by trivializing or even eliminating problems like:

  • Integration of Data Transfer Objects with Object Relational Mapper Frameworks
  • Asynchronous Loading of Application Parts
  • Configuration
  • Dependency Injection
  • Presentation and Business Logic Separation
  • UI Controls


Nessos Framework

Nessos Framework

The foundation of all Nessos Applications is Nessos Framework. This framework is far more advanced than an Object-Relational Mapper. It offers:

  • Visual design of class hierarchy
  • Automated generation of relational model from class hierarchy
  • Automated generation of SQL and C# source code
  • Application development independent of database in use
  • Native support of standard business objects
    • Parameters Model
    • Security Model
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008


GIS Services


Nessos designs and implements web-based GIS applications. Our solutions are based on leading-edge technologies:


Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight

  • Supports all standard Internet browsers and delivers consistent look and feel
  • Rich Internet Applications και υποστήριξη Web 2.0
  • Native support of .NET Framework API



Nessos DynaGIS Platform


Main features:

  • Dynamic management of map features
  • Dynamic data linking with external databases
  • Dynamic bitmap creation
  • GIS Platform independent
  • Fully compatible with Nessos Framework


Nessos Business Process Framework

Nessos Workflow

Nessos features an integrated Workflow platform for delivering workflow applications, based on leading-edge technologies (.Net Framework 3.5, Nessos Framework). It offers:

  • Workflow process creation and versioning
  • Grouping of workflow processes into packages
  • Defining rules for workitem creation
  • Linking process flow and rules with organizational resources
  • Assigning electronic forms to workflow steps
  • Assigning security permissions to form fields
  • Task Based user interface
  • Report generator


3/3/2015 Nessos Information Technologies is supporting F# eXchange 2015
Nessos Information Technologies, an ISV specializing on the development of integrated software solutions and software tools, will be sponsoring the More...
2/19/2015 MBrace now available on Brisk!!

MBrace is now available on Brisk. The technical integration has been done from Elastacloud in close cooperation with MBrace team. For more details follow the link : More...

12/16/2014 StarForce and Nessos Partner Up for Greek Market

StarForce Technologies, a leading developer of software solutions to protect applications and digital information against leakage, copying and illegal distribution, and Nessos Information Technologies, a well-known system integrator specialized in developing  More...

11/20/2014 MBrace Presentation at FPDays 2014

MBrace Framework to be presented at FPDays 2014 Conference in London on 20th  of November.Check out the full program

11/13/2014 F# Streams Presentation

F# Streams ( is presented on 13th of November at by Gian Ntzik

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